Our vision

To be a modern, reliable and reputable institution of the capital market of the Republic of Serbia, which effectively and professionally provides easy and secure access to the capital market and actively participates in the process of developing a stable financial market and integration with the international financial instruments market.

Our mission

To actively manage and improve our business to provide our customers with timely, efficient and high quality services related to the registration, deposit, clearing and settlement of financial instruments.

CSD’s basic functions

The CSD’s main functions in the financial market are:
  • providing a system of accurate registration of ownership of all issued financial instruments;
  • conducting a secure and transparent transfer of ownership at minimal cost;
  • efficient and reliable clearing and settlement of financial instruments and cash based on transactions with financial instruments;
  • ensuring the integrity of transactions performed on the regulated financial instruments market;
  • enabling regulators to exercise the necessary supervision in the financial instruments market;
  • implementation of international standards;
  • linkage with regional and international institutions of the same profile;
  • encouraging the development of the financial market in Serbia.